Child Safety Quiz A

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Campus: Taipei Taichung Kaohsiung ChiaYi

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1. What are the four types of child abuse in SIL's Child Safety Policy? 兒童安全政策中所提到的兒童虐待有哪四種類型?

   Spiritual 心靈虐待
   Physical 身體虐待
   Sexual 性虐待
   Emotional 情緒虐待
   Neglect 疏忽

2. What are the 3 primary safeguards in Morrison’s Child Safety that reduce the risk of child abuse? 在馬禮遜學校的兒童保護措施中,有哪三項基本措施可以降低兒童虐待的風險?

   Visibility 明顯的場所
   Accountability 信賴原則
   Isolation 隔離處理
   Balance Control 平衡原則

3. All the children have gone to recess, but you are staying in the classroom to help a student. Which of the following safeguards would not lower the risk? 所有的孩子都下課不在教室了,可是你還在教室教一個學生功課。以下何種方式不能降低虐待的風險?

   Seated in a place where both people can be seen from the door. 兩人所坐的位置是別人從門外就可以看見的地方。
   Tell another adult what’s happening. 告訴另一位成人你和一個學生兩人在教室裡做功課。
   Assume the student is trustworthy and there is no risk. 假設學生是可信賴的,而且沒有風險。
   Invite another student to play in the back of the room. 邀請另一位學生在教室後面玩。

4. If a child were to report something to you, the first thing you do is determine the truthfulness of the report. 如果一個學生來向你通報,你要做的第 一件事是判斷所通報的內容是否屬實。

   True 是   False 否

5. Who should you tell after a child reports something to you? 如果有學生向你通報兒童虐待事件,你應該告訴誰?

   Parent 家長
   Principal 校長
   Supervisor 直屬主管
   Police 警察

6. The list below contains several statements that may or may not assist an adult in building a sense of trust with a child who has made a disclosure. Please check all that will help the child who is telling you about possible abuse. Select one or more: 若學生告訴你可能有虐待事件時,以下哪些做法可以幫助這個學生,建立與成人之間的信任關係? (可複選)

   Don’t believe anything the child tells you 不相信任何這個學生告訴你的事
   Assure them they’ve done the right thing to tell 讓學生知道他們把這件事告訴你是正確的
   Tell the child the person who hurt them is bad 告訴學生,那個傷害他的人是壞人
   Interview the child to find out what happened 與學生面對面談,釐清事情發生的經過
   Tell the child that you will tell someone whose job it is to keep us safe 告訴學生,你會把這件事轉告另一位負責保護我們安全的人
   Let your emotions show to the child. 在學生面前展現你的情緒


I acknowledge that I have read Morrison Academy’s Code of Conduct for Child Safety and agree to abide by it. I declare that I have not engaged in sexual abuse, physical abuse, a pattern of emotional abuse, or neglect of a child. Further, I have never been the subject of disciplinary action, or dismissal by an employer, church, ministry, or other volunteer organization following an allegation of any such acts. Nor have I been the subject of an investigation of such acts by civil authorities. If I have been the subject of an allegation of such acts, regardless of the outcome of the allegation, I have notified the Superintendent of Morrison Academy. I understand my responsibility to report abuse and other inappropriate conduct toward a child to an administrator. I understand Morrison Academy takes allegations of child abuse seriously and that abuse in any form will not be tolerated. I understand that Morrison Academy will cooperate with civil authorities in the investigation of any report of abuse. US citizens authorize Morrison Academy to do a criminal history background check and non-US citizens agree to obtain a police background check as a condition for working with students. I have read this acknowledgement form and voluntarily sign it.
我已經讀過馬禮遜學校的 “保護學生安全之行為準則” ,並同意遵守其規定。我聲明我沒有對任何孩子有性虐待、身體虐待、任何形式的情緒虐待、或疏忽的行為。此外,我也從未因為任何前述行為被雇主、教會、差會、或其他志工機構糾正或退職。 我也沒有因為任何前述行為被司法單位調查過。如果我曾經被指控有過上述行為,不論最後調查的結果為何,我都已經告知馬禮遜學校的總校長。我明白我有責任向行政主管通報兒童虐待事件和其他不當的行為, 也明白馬禮遜學校嚴肅面對每一件所通報的兒童虐待事件,學校不容許任何形式的虐待。我明白針對任何一件所通報的兒童虐待事件,馬禮遜學校會全力配合司法單位的調查。 凡在馬禮遜學校工作,且會與學生接觸的美國籍人士,同意授權馬禮遜學校查詢其犯罪紀錄; 非美國籍人士則需取得刑事紀錄證明。 我已經讀過以上聲明,並自願簽署。

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