Child Safety Quiz B

Please take the quiz below. You will have multiple chances to re-take the quiz until you achieve 100%


Campus: Taipei Taichung Kaohsiung Chiayi

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1. A child is much more likely to be abused by a stranger than someone they know. 孩子比較容易被陌生人虐待,比較不容易被他們認識的人虐待。

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2. A child can experience abusive behavior with no outward signs. 孩子可能被虐待,但沒有外顯的記號 (從外在看不出來)。

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3. A child safety investigation is being conducted for a child in your classroom. Choose which one would be the most appropriate response for their restoration. 你班上有個孩子正在接受兒童安全調查。請選出以下何者是最恰當的反應,幫助其復原。

   Parent 家長
   Talk with your co-workers and discuss the needs of the child. 跟你的同事談論此事,並討論孩子需要什麼。
   Be extra alert to the emotional, psychological and spiritual restoration of the child. 特別留意這個孩子的情緒、心理和心靈的復原情況。
   Meet with their parents and discuss the results. 與他們的家長會面,並討論結果。

4. Why should we report indicators of possible child abuse? (choose all appropriate answers) 我們為什麼需要通報可能的兒童虐待指標? (複選)

   CSPN trained investors can intervene sooner. 受過 CSPN 訓練的調查員能及早介入處理。
   Abused students will receive the protection and support they desperately need. 受虐學生將可受到所極需的保護和支持。
   Increase the chance of recovery an abused student. 增加受虐學生復原的機會。
   Discourages abusers from targeting our students. 讓施虐者打消以其他學生為目標的念頭。

5. If you see child-to-child inappropriate touching, who do you tell? 如果你看到兒童與兒童間不恰當的碰觸,你會告訴誰?

   Parent 家長
   The child’s teacher 兒童的老師
   Principal 校長


I acknowledge that I have read Morrison Academy’s Code of Conduct for Child Safety and agree to abide by it. I declare that I have not engaged in sexual abuse, physical abuse, a pattern of emotional abuse, or neglect of a child. Further, I have never been the subject of disciplinary action, or dismissal by an employer, church, ministry, or other volunteer organization following an allegation of any such acts. Nor have I been the subject of an investigation of such acts by civil authorities. If I have been the subject of an allegation of such acts, regardless of the outcome of the allegation, I have notified the Superintendent of Morrison Academy. I understand my responsibility to report abuse and other inappropriate conduct toward a child to an administrator. I understand Morrison Academy takes allegations of child abuse seriously and that abuse in any form will not be tolerated. I understand that Morrison Academy will cooperate with civil authorities in the investigation of any report of abuse. US citizens authorize Morrison Academy to do a criminal history background check and non-US citizens agree to obtain a police background check as a condition for working with students. I have read this acknowledgement form and voluntarily sign it.
我已經讀過馬禮遜學校的 “保護學生安全之行為準則” ,並同意遵守其規定。我聲明我沒有對任何孩子有性虐待、身體虐待、任何形式的情緒虐待、或疏忽的行為。此外,我也從未因為任何前述行為被雇主、教會、差會、或其他志工機構糾正或退職。 我也沒有因為任何前述行為被司法單位調查過。如果我曾經被指控有過上述行為,不論最後調查的結果為何,我都已經告知馬禮遜學校的總校長。我明白我有責任向行政主管通報兒童虐待事件和其他不當的行為, 也明白馬禮遜學校嚴肅面對每一件所通報的兒童虐待事件,學校不容許任何形式的虐待。我明白針對任何一件所通報的兒童虐待事件,馬禮遜學校會全力配合司法單位的調查。 凡在馬禮遜學校工作,且會與學生接觸的美國籍人士,同意授權馬禮遜學校查詢其犯罪紀錄; 非美國籍人士則需取得刑事紀錄證明。 我已經讀過以上聲明,並自願簽署。
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